• SpeedLab is an innovative project dedicated to running and speed development.
  • SpeedLab is a unique training space that uses the most advanced training methods and technologies to get detailed assessments of running mechanics and dynamic movement.
  • SpeedLab was set up to better serve the modern athlete. It’s a carefully planned combination of proven training methods, effective technologies, and expert coaching.

  • We believe that running is a life skill that should be taught and applied to both daily life and sporting endeavors.
  • Training to accomplish a specific goal goes beyond physical conditioning. SpeedLab teaches athletes how to make changes that last by conditioning both the mind and body.

  • Our mission is to use objective and data-driven training methods to improve the quality of movement so athletes will be faster, more confident, and less likely to get injured.
  • SpeedLab training will provide athletes with a new and improved set of running skills that will become a natural and automatic response when running.
  • We train the body and mind to send, receive, and respond to information in the most effective and efficient ways.

  • SpeedLab is for anyone who wants to move faster, decrease the risk of injury, and run more efficiently. SpeedLab is also ideal for anyone who wants to develop their movement speed and reactions for their preferred sport.
  • SpeedLab is a great resource for seasoned athletes, beginners, and people who are recovering from injuries.

  • SpeedLab is led by certified running and movement specialists with backgrounds in a variety of high-level sports.

  • The SpeedLab assessment is a detailed and individualized analysis of an athlete’s movement. It involves understanding the athlete’s history, as well as getting detailed information on biomechanics, nervous system development, speed, and reactions. Assessments may vary depending on the goals, training experience, and sport of the athlete.
  • A SpeedLab assessment is required before beginning any of our programs. The assessment must occur within a 2-week window prior to beginning a program. As part of your program, you will receive a complimentary assessment after every 8 sessions completed.

  • Class costs range from $55 to $75 per class.
  • Assessments are $150. This fee is waived if you sign up for a class within 24 hours of completing the SpeedLab assessment.

  • 60 minutes

  • 1 coach to 4 athletes

  • Similarly developed athletes around the same age with similar goals.
  • We know everyone requires different challenges and that’s why each athlete is assessed individually. We individualize your program while allowing for interaction and peer learning from other similarly aged athletes.

  • SpeedLab is led by certified running and movement specialists with backgrounds in a variety of high-level sports.

  • It can take youths up to 8 weeks to see a lasting change. Adults vary, but can take longer to recognize a significant change because their habits and nervous systems are more rigid.
  • Athletes usually feel and see positive changes within 3-4 sessions. It takes longer to create lasting cognitive changes.

  • We offer 3 packages for athletes to choose from based on their goals, an appropriate training load, and desired commitment level:
  • BASIC: 1 class per week at SpeedLab. This is $75 per class or $325 per month.
  • Elite: 2 classes per week at SpeedLab. This is $65 per class or $563 per month.
  • Pro: 3 classes per week at SpeedLab. This is $55 per class or $715 per month.

  • You can sign up via our website copastc.com/SpeedLab or through any scheduling link you receive from SpeedLab via email communications.

  • SpeedLab memberships include weekly classes, a regular reassessment every 8 sessions, a training tee shirt, and take-home exercises.

  • There is a 3-month minimum membership requirement.

  • There is a 3-month minimum membership requirement. Any cancellations prior to 2 months will be subject to a cancellation fee of the prorated amount of up to 3 months.
  • All membership cancellations require 30 days’ notice and must be submitted online via a request to cancel membership form.

  • All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the original scheduled start time. Athletes will be charged the full amount of the session for no-shows and late cancellations.

  • All members can reschedule up to 25% of their allotted sessions during an 8-week cycle. Members must reschedule a minimum of 24 hours before their scheduled session. Rescheduled sessions must occur within 4 weeks of the originally scheduled session.

  • SpeedLab members are billed monthly and payment is due on the anniversary date of each month. The payment is calculated by the average monthly cost according to their membership level. For your convenience, we securely store payment information in your account for automatic payment.

  • There is a 3-month minimum membership requirement. Any cancellations prior to 2 months will be subject to a cancellation fee of the prorated amount of up to 3 months.
  • All membership cancellations require 30 days’ notice and must be submitted online via a request to cancel membership form.


Yes, all COPA Fit members will receive a complimentary fitness assessment and discounted rates on personal training. We always recommend starting your new membership with at least one month of one-on-one personal training to become accustomed to the gym layout and to ensure the safety and efficiency of your workouts.  

Your membership gives you exclusive access to COPA Fit. Access to the SportsMall and other amenities can be added to your membership at an additional cost.  

Fill out this form to receive a free three-day trial membership to COPA Fit. Once you have experienced the facility, we will help you schedule an appointment with a COPA Fit personal trainer to discuss which membership option is best for your goals and lifestyle. If you have already been to COPA Fit and you’re ready to activate your membership, please call this (925)-357-8999.

Yes, you can freeze your membership in monthly increments for up to three consecutive months. The first month is free to freeze; it costs $25 to freeze additional months and they will be billed to your EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) account.  

COPA Fit memberships require a three-month minimum commitment. After three months, you can cancel your membership with 30-days’ notice. Please contact COPA Fit’s customer support team via email to cancel your membership. 

Please contact the Director of Copa Fit, Shawn Leonard, via email at ShawnL@copastc.com to set up corporate membership offers.  

Billing info can be updated upon check-in at the front desk or via your online member profile. 

You can email your referral to ShawnL@copastc.com or provide your referral’s information at the front desk. 

You will receive a $50 credit towards your next monthly bill for every referral who signs up for a COPA Fit membership with us.  

We do not require signing up in advance, however doing so is the best way to ensure your spot in a class. Once the studio capacity is met, we are unable to allow more people into a class.  


We have 5 different age groups in the COPA Kids Program. Children between the ages of 18 months to 7 years old are welcome at COPA Kids and will be placed in groups based on their ages.

Office hours are Monday-Friday, 11:30 am – 2:30 pm or by appointment.  

We will not provide retroactive refunds for any cancellation requests. We do not issue refunds for missed classes, nor can you carry over sessions to the next month if you miss a class. There are no exceptions to this policy.

We offer discounts based on a minimum commitment of three months and/or enrolling more than one child in the program.

Contact the Program Director, Marcia Tafarel, via phone or email: tafa@copastc.com / (925)-357-8999

COPA Kids will not play in competitive tournaments, but we will have internal tournaments that we will organize for the last weekend of every month.

COPA Kids focuses on the development and refinement of body control, locomotor skills, cognitive abilities, and progressing to develop soccer-specific skills and game-play fundamentals. COPA Kids’ goal is to make sure that the children in the program develop physically, socially, and cognitively without the pressure of competitive gameplay.

When you register your child for COPA Kids, you will choose the day of the week that best suits your schedule. The time of the class will be determined and set by the COPA Kids schedule.

A child can be placed in an older age group, but a child cannot be placed with a younger age group. Class placements will be based on the coach’s evaluation.

The guest must pay a guest fee, which is only valid for the day of purchase. All COPA Kids policies, rules, and regulations apply to guests.

All players must come to practice wearing a COPA Kids shirt and black shorts.

All players aged 4 and older are required to wear indoor soccer shoes or tennis shoes and shin guards. Soccer cleats are not allowed at COPA STC. Players will also need to bring water. Please remember that only water is allowed on the field.

If your child misses a class, you can schedule a make-up class if there’s available space in another class within the same week. Kids are limited to only one makeup class per month.

COPA Kids requests that parents or guardians remain on-site during classes.

You will need to register for the additional class separately. We will offer a discount on the additional class session(s).

No. We have a schedule of classes with specific times and dates to keep our classes consistent within the program.


All COPA Train participants will sign up for memberships that grant them access to a specific number of training sessions per week. After selecting their level of membership, they will join a group that trains at the same time and on the same day(s) every week.

COPA STC is an assessment-based training center and all athletes will be assessed before they begin training within COPA Train. Groups will be determined based on age and the abilities of the athletes within each group. Our trainers focus on meeting athletes where they are and helping them improve individually.

No, COPA Train is a supplemental training program that works alongside traditional club soccer. COPA Train focuses on the cognitive, physical, and technical components of soccer and leaves tactical soccer training to the clubs. It is important for players to train in a team setting to understand the tactical components of the game and to get experience by playing the game.

At COPA Train we value the importance of learning through playing the game, but we also believe in the importance of deliberate practice and meaningful repetition. As a supplemental training center, COPA STC strives to make players technically, physically, and cognitively stronger through repetition training and excellent coaching. Players will also have opportunities to learn through the game by utilizing our open play futsal arena which is free for COPA Train members to use.

At COPA STC we believe in the value of independent problem-solving and creativity in soccer development. As a result, we offer free open play futsal for our COPA Train members. We have multiple courts for each age group to use and players will have the chance to play without coaching or referees. One-hour futsal block sessions can be reserved online.

No, our training philosophy is based on small group-focused sessions because they maximize a player’s ability to work with others while they work on their individual development as part of a team. Players will still receive the same amount of repetition training because COPA Train uses the 4P training methodology which allows one athlete to practice or perform, while the others are preparing or perfecting their skills and/or maximizing rest and development.

At COPA STC we believe a player should focus on all components of their game and our methodologies work hand-in-hand with each other to maximize potential. Our methodology rotates athletes through our facility to intentionally maximize growth and development. An athlete cannot simply sign up for sessions à la carte, but they can add supplemental sessions to what they are doing in specific disciplines (pending availability).

If you notify COPA Soccer Training Center at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled session you can reschedule your child’s COPA Train session for any slot with availability. All rescheduled sessions must occur within four weeks of the originally scheduled session and members are limited to six rescheduled sessions in a six-month period.

If an athlete experiences a serious injury or mental health issue, they can freeze their membership for a minimum period of one month and for a maximum period of 12 months. We understand that injuries happen sometimes and we will do everything possible to accommodate our members.

Athletes can always increase their membership level at any time via their COPA STC account. Additionally, members can purchase à la carte sessions via the members section of copastc.com based on session availability.

All COPA Train groups must have a maximum number of six players per training group. Groups are welcome to sign up together, but the group cannot exceed six players. For special circumstances and requests contact the Director of COPA Train and they will work on a customized solution.

All COPA Train members must wear a COPA Train jersey. Members will receive a set amount of training gear based on the level of membership they sign up for. The cost of gear will be covered by the initiation fee. Additional training gear is available at the COPA STC pro shop. All athletes are required to wear shin guards at COPA STC and they may only wear turf or indoor shoes while training. COPA STC is a cleat-free facility.

There will be loaner jerseys and shin guards available for check out at the front desk. If an athlete does not return the jersey or shin guards within 24 hours of their session, the full rate of the jersey or shin guards will be charged to their account. Loaner shoes will not be available. An athlete may purchase shoes at the pro shop if they don’t bring appropriate footwear to their training session.


COPA Play offers leagues that teams can sign up for together. We do not create teams. Individuals can sign up and they will be placed onto teams pending availability.

All COPA Play leagues are scheduled for a specific day of the week. Unless rescheduling is requested, all games will take place on the originally scheduled game day.

A league games are for more serious, high-level soccer players. B league games are for players who are not as competitive or who lack experience playing soccer.

If you are aware of a scheduling conflict during the registration process, please articulate the dates, times, and the reason for rescheduling when signing up for the league. COPA STC will make a reasonable attempt to accommodate requests when creating the schedules. If a conflict arises during a season, please submit a reschedule request to COPA STC’s management staff and they will provide you with available slots during the week of the game. If both teams cannot agree on a rescheduled time and date then the team that requested to reschedule will forfeit the game. Playoff games cannot be rescheduled.

All playoff games will occur during the final week of the season. Teams are put into a single elimination bracket and will play shorter elimination games based on seeding from the regular season. A champion will be crowned at the end of the tournament!

In a 5 vs. 5 coed league there must be a minimum of one non-male-identified athlete on the field per team at all times and in a 7 vs. 7 league there must be two non-male-identified players on the field at once (excluding goalkeepers).

Yes, athletes are always welcome to play in an older age group, but they cannot play downward in a younger age group.

No, all team dues must be paid in whole at the time of registration. If players want to solely pay for their share, they can give their portion of the fee to the person who has signed up for the team.

All players must have matching colored uniforms. Home teams will wear dark colors and the away team will wear white. Teams do not need to have numbers on their jersey. All players must wear shin guards beneath their socks. Only turf and indoor soccer shoes can be worn. COPA Soccer Training Center is a cleat-free facility. Game balls will be provided by COPA STC and are specific to the surface the game is being played on. Soccer balls must be used on turf fields and futsal balls must be used on futsal courts.

All youth leagues are on both futsal and turf surfaces. At this time there are no youth leagues specific to one surface. Adult leagues will be specific to one surface. There will be 7 vs. 7 adult A leagues that are played on the turf, but all other leagues will be 5 vs. 5.

We believe that our combined youth leagues maximize development for athletes by allowing them to experience the fast pace and technical demands of futsal, while also training to familiarize themselves with playing with a soccer ball on a turf surface.

While COPA Soccer Training Center is a members-only facility, non-members are welcome to watch COPA Play games from the respective spectator areas of the futsal and turf arenas. All spectators and players must obey the COPA Play Code of Conduct and they may be ejected from the facility if they do not abide by these rules.

Teams may have guest players during the regular season. Guest players must be members of COPA Play and pay a $15 fee for adults and a $20 fee for youths to play in a game as a guest. A player may only be a guest player for one team two times before they are officially added to the team’s roster. Providing a uniform for a guest player is the responsibility of the team they are joining and all actions of guest players reflect upon the team for which they are playing.

Any team that withdraws from a COPA Play tournament or league at least two weeks before the beginning of the event will receive an equal-value credit for a future COPA Play event. If they request to withdraw at another time, refunds will be offered at the discretion of the COPA Play management team.

Performance Center FAQ

The Performance Center is a specialized part of COPA Fit which focuses on athletic performance. Our performance coaches and staff have a great understanding of and knowledge base on strength and conditioning techniques that improve on-field performance and decrease the risk of injury in all sports. Each athlete will receive an individualized training program tailored to their specific needs. 

The Performance Center focuses on training athletes to reach their full physical and mental potential. We train our athletes in small groups where our performance coaches can concentrate on each individual’s needs. Using our state-of-the-art technology, we provide each athlete with elite programming that will be determined by their individual assessment. All training programs and exercises will be monitored closely by experienced coaches.

- Each training session is tailored to athletes and their individual needs. All training sessions will consist of the following components:

  • Soft Tissue Preparation
  • Movement Preparation
  • Strength, Plyometrics, and Energy System Development Training
  • Flexibility & Mobility Training

- Results are recorded to identify and address each athlete’s individuals training needs. Every three months performance coaches will reevaluate an athlete’s individual needs. Our physical performance assessment consists of the following:

  • Anthropometric measurements using our bioelectrical impedance technology
  • Lower & upper body power and strength analysis using our force plate technology
  • Energy system development testing using Power Box technology



- We offer training for the following age groups:

  • 8-11 years old
  • 11-15 years old
  • 15-18 years old
  • We also offer programs for collegiate and professional athletes