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Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise
By: Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool


ComprehensiveObjectivePerformanceAssessment: COPA STC is an innovative soccer training facility where we strive to combine training methodologies based on sports science with cutting-edge technology to create a truly unique training environment. COPA STC is focused on creating an assessment-based training center that provides athletes with quantitative data to objectively track the progression of their technical, physical, and cognitive skills.

Each space in our facility has been designed to create an environment of deliberate practice to enhance soccer players and athletes of all ages and skill levels — from beginners to elite professionals. COPA STC is more than just a soccer training facility, it is a philosophy that embodies experimentation with new ideas and concepts, new approaches to skills development, and new ways to thrive as a more capable human in any environment. You’ll find that COPA STC has something for everyone. We are constantly evolving and innovating, welcoming new ideas from all as we transform player development.