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COPA Train is a unique small group training experience which combines elite coaching with innovative training technology only found at the world’s top clubs. Utilizing safe social distancing practices, COPA Train creates an environment of deliberate practice focused on the cognitive, physical, and technical components of the game of soccer. In addition to a weekly training session, each player receives a custom training kit and an individual assessment in the COPA Cube, Double SpeedCourt, SpeedTrack, and PowerBox.
SpeedLab utilizes proven training methods, world class training technology, and certified coaches to foster long term development of crucial athletic skills, such as running technique, agility and strength patterns. By gradually re-establishing effective and efficient movement skills, members progress and develop into more dynamic and explosive athletes for their chosen sport.
Enroll in soccer camps that utilize COPA STC’s innovative technologies and elite coaches to develop camper’s skills in a fun environment. Whether you’re looking to go pro or just learning the beautiful game, there’s a COPA Camp built for you.
COPA Kids is a fun-filled program designed to provide an encouraging environment to introduce children to the game of soccer. Our curriculum teaches locomotor skills, foundations of movement and soccer fundamentals. The COPA Kids methodology strengthens and improves cognitive abilities and builds self-confidence through guided exploration and games.

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* Does not apply to private groups. New member must remain in good standing for 2 months. Offer starts on September 23rd, 2020. Can’t be combined with any other discounts. New member must join COPA STC within one month from referral date. New member may only attribute referral to one current member. The current member who received the attribution will receive the discount.