Reschedule Policy

** Currently, our groups must remain stable with the same grouping of members and staff. Until this requirement is lifted, we will be temporarily suspending re-scheduling. Any session that is missed will result in a make-up credit that does not expire. We will announce when make-up credits will be available to use. (you must still be an active member to use this credit) We will also be allowing unlimited cancellations due to illness. Please give notice by 9am the day of your session if you cannot attend due to illness.

When the requirement for stable groups is lifted, we will return to our standard reschedule policy, which is listed below.

Re-scheduling Process

Members are entitled to request make-up credits (re-schedules) for a specific number of classes/sessions in a calendar month, based on their membership level.

  • Basic Member = 1 request per month
  • Elite Member = 2 requests per month
  • Pro Member = 3 requests per month
  • Make-up requests do not roll over or accumulate month to month.
  • All requests must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled class/session. In the event of a same day cancellation due to injury or illness, please submit the form prior to class start time. A doctor’s note will be required.
  • No-shows will not be granted make-up credits

How it works

To request a make-up credit

1. Login to
2. In your dashboard, find the class in which you want to cancel and request a make-up credit
3. Select the “Request reschedule” on the right side for that class.
4. Click Request to re-schedule this class button.
COPA STC will approve or deny your request within 72 hours. While your request is pending review, your class will remain in your dashboard with a yellow triangle. When a decision has been made, you will receive a confirmation email with more information and next steps.

If you have a credit:
1. Login to
2. Select your program
3. Select your age group/position
4. Select the user
5. Under “How many times a week”, Select the “A la Carte” option
6. Select a date and time
7. If you have a deposited make-up credit, your balance will be $0.
8. Confirm your class by selecting “Book your Class/Session”.

Approved Credits
  • All make-up credits must be used within twelve (12) months of the missed class/session.
  • Only currently active and paid members may use make-up credits. Member accounts that are frozen, cancelled, or past due on their membership dues may not use their make-up credits.

Membership Freeze Policy

We understand everyone needs flexibility; therefore, we offer the ability for members to freeze one time per membership year for up to 3 months. To submit a freeze request, please click and submit a COPA Kids Intake Form at .