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All COPA Train members start their journey with a comprehensive assessment of their technical, physical and cognitive abilities. This assessment sets a baseline for member training by creating the ability to customize individual training regimens within a small group training environment. Reassessments allow members to objectively track their progress over time.




How do I sign up for an assessment?

  • 1. Visit members.copastc.com and sign into your account
  • 2. Select “Programs” on the left-hand side
  • 3. Click on “COPA Train”
  • 4. Select “Train Assessment”
  • 5. Choose the appropriate age, athlete and assessment type
  • 6. Upon becoming a COPA Train member, you will immediately receive one FREE credit for each of the three device assessments, which will be deposited into your account
  • 7. If you are using a complimentary credit during check out, you will not be required to enter in your credit card information. (If you are asked to, please make sure you are booking for the appropriate athlete and the appropriate age group. If it persists, please contact us)
  • 8. If you are purchasing an additional assessment, add your assessment to the cart and fill out the necessary payment information
  • 9. Confirm your order and prepare for your assessment with the resources below!

How do I receive a complimentary assessment credit?

Upon becoming a COPA Train member, you will immediately receive one FREE credit for each of the three device assessments, which will be deposited into your account.

Can I book additional assessments?

Yes. COPA Train members can purchase additional assessments. Members receive a 50-70% discount on the retail price, based on their level of membership.

How many assessments should I book in a day?

It is recommended to only perform one assessment per day, however, there is no limit on how many assessments you can book in a day.

How often is the schedule of availability updated?

Please note that the device assessment schedule will be updated consistently according to availability within the facility. Be sure to check your member portal often to book your next assessment.

CUBE Assessment

A 64 ball assessment measuring passing accuracy and speed of play in a 360 degree perspective.

Preparing for the cube assessment

Cube Assessment Instructions

Cube Assessment Video

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Ball Control Assessment

Replicating the 360 agility, reactive agility, and cognitive agility tests in the physical assessment but this time with the ball.

Preparing for the ball control assessment

360 Dribble Instructions

360 Dribble Video

Play Video
Reactive Dribble Instructions

Cognitive Dribble Video

Play Video
Cognitive Dribble Instructions

Cognitive Dribble Video

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Physical Assessment

Utilizing embedded Global Speed sensors and infrared laser technology members complete a battery of sprinting, jumping, tapping and agility tests on the Double SpeedCourt and SpeedTrack.

Preparing for the physical assessment

30 yard Sprint Instructions

30 Yard Sprint

Play Video
Tapping Instructions


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Counter Movement Jump Instructions

Counter Movement Jump

Play Video
360 Agility Instructions

360 Agility

Play Video
Reactive Agility Instructions

Reactive Agility

Play Video
Cognitive Agility Instructions

Cognitive Agility

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COPA TECH used in the assessments

Striving to be at the forefront of innovation in soccer training technology, COPA Tech combines devices utilized by the largest soccer clubs in the world with those developed by COPA Innovation Laboratories.